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The Science of Beautiful Skin

Exclusive! Web boutique opening soon.

CAER Plastic Surgery is proud to be able to offerour patients cosmeceutical grade skin-care products by Akademikliniken, Sweden's leading private Plastic Surgery Institute.

Our new web boutique will soon open for easy online purchase of these exclusive products. Meanwhile, please call on 07849744536, or email us, or use our enquiry form and we will be able to tell you all about these products and your skin

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Akademikliniken: The science of beautiful skin

Akademikliniken is one of the world's largest private hospitals for aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. The AK motto "Beauty through Science" applies to every aspect of the development of this skin care series. Grounded in scientific fact and based on the latest knowledge in medical skin care, the products reflect the philosophy of using science to achieve beautiful skin.

Each product is formulated using knowledge of skin physiology, the ageing process, and proven principles in maintaining and optimising skin health and well-being.

Achieving a great skin is not the result of a miracle cream or a quick fix, but rather finding the appropriate products for your individual skin type and condition.

These products were developed to answer the AK plastic surgeons' need for exceptional and effective skincare products for their patients. To compliment the surgical and non-surgical procedures, to support and maintain these treatments. They aimed for gold standard in procedures and wanted skin care products which matched this philosophy and provided the follow-up they needed for their patients. Fact-based and results driven, their principle was "beauty through science". Science underpins the use of each ingredient and the targeting of each product.

CAER is proud to be able to offer these outstanding products to our patients.

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