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Payment and Financing options for CAER Plastic Surgery

For surgical procedures, CAER works with three top private hospitals in Glasgow and Ayrshire, BMI Carrick Glen, BMI Ross Hall and Nuffield Health Glasgow. If you choose to proceed to surgery with Margaret Strick at one of these hospitals, the hospital will prepare a quote for the operation.

Paying for treatment

There are two ways of paying for treatment at private hospitals.

  • 1. Using private medical insurance

    If your procedure is covered by your private or company medical insurance, the hospitals work with all the major healthcare insurance providers to ensure that you are looked after. You will need to liaise closely with your insurer through the stages of your treatment and ensure that the hospitals are kept up to date with your policy information.

  • 2. Paying for your own treatment.

    If you do not have medical insurance, or are not covered for a particular treatment, you can choose to pay for the treatment as you need it. The hospital will prepare a fixed price quote tailored to meet your individual need, which will include the hospital costs and Consultant and Anaesthetist fees for your procedure. The fixed price fees are intended to give you peace of mind and ensure that your price will not change, no matter how complex your procedure. Please note that the hospitals may charge for tests done in the outpatient consulting rooms as they are usually outside of the fixed price. Out patient consultations are not included in fixed price procedure quotes.

In either case, the hospitals will be able provide guidance about paying for your procedure. Payment can be made to the hospitals by cash, cheque, credit or debit card.

For BMI Carrick Glen and BMI Ross Hall

Paying for treatment at BMI Carrick Glen and BMI Ross Hall

BMI Healthcare offers a patient financing arrangement using the BMI card a credit facility. Please see the BMI website for details, or contact the hospital directly, being sure to inform them that your consultation was with Margaret Strick

For Nuffield Health Glasgow

Paying for treatment at Nuffield Health Glasgow

Nuffield Health is able to provide you with options for loans for surgery through their recommended finance provider, First Medical Loans. For further details, please see the Nuffield Health website or contact the Nuffield hospital directly for advice, being sure to tell them that your consultation was with Margaret Strick.

Consultation charges

What are the consultation charges

Being seen in the out patient clinic for consultation will incur a separate charge. Miss Strick is strongly of the opinion that patients should be fully informed before going ahead with surgery and for some patients this may require more than one pre op consultation. She also believes that after surgery immediate problems should be solved as far as is possible. She does not believe a fee structure should prevent patients having sufficient information pre or post operatively. For this reasons any patients who books to see her through CAER on a self pay basis will only incur a one off ‘out patient consultation fee’ of £120 per surgical episode. This will cover pre op and post op visits.

For patients wishing to see her who make bookings directly with the hospitals, the hospital fee structure will override this and varies from hospital to hospital.

  • Payments made directly to the hospital will come under the hospital fee structure.
  • Insured patients will come under insurance fee structures.
  • Patients booked though the CAER phone line 07949744536 or this website will come under the CAER fee policy no matter which hospital the out patient visit takes place in. A bill will be sent in the post to the address you give us and are payable by cheque. Surgery cannot proceed if out patient bills are outstanding.