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Getting the most from your consultation

CAER will help you navigate through the complexities of the cosmetic or reconstructive world. That means helping you choose the procedure which is right for you, combining surgery with non surgical treatments, identifying fair prices, especially for combination treatments, advising on the best route to take, and making sure you have access to the practitioners and doctors you need.

The consultation with your surgeon is a very important step in the surgical journey. This is your opportunity to spend time with the surgeon who will be doing your operation. It is time to be making sure you are clear about the surgery, the surgeon is clear about exactly what it is that your are wanting and that you have spent time weighing up the pros and cons of a procedure so that you can make an informed decision about what is best for you.

You will find CAER doctors very approachable, so use the time in the consultation to ask questions, raise concerns, clarify issues. You will find also that we try to go through these issues as directly and fairly as possible. We want you to be clear about, and happy with, what is planned, and we want what is planned to be honed especially for you so that we achieve individualised care.

What do you want to change?

What do you want to change?

Spend time before your consultation identifying exactly what it is that you want to change. Is it size, shape, contour, symmetry, projection, one area, various areas? If there are multiple changes you would like what are the priorities on your wish list. Which are the 'must have' changes and which are the 'I wouldn't mind' changes.

Look at the feature you want to address in the mirror to help with defining exactly what it is you want to change. Perhaps discuss it with a friend or partner to help articulate what you mean. This will all help in explaining to the surgeon what you want to change.

If ypur surgeon is clear about what you don't like it is much easier to deliver what it is you are looking for.

After all it is a happy patient that the surgeon desires most of all.

Think about the pros and cons

Think about the pros and cons of your chosen surgery

Talk through these in the consultation. Make sure you know the risks involved and feel they are realistic for you. Make a list of questions before and check before you leave the consultation that all your questions have been addressed.

Need another consultation?

Do you need another consultation?

If you find after the consultation you are not sure about some aspect, CAER is happy for you to have a second consultation without any extra charge, as it is important that you are quite clear about the surgery and what it means for you.

Feel free to bring a friend or partner to your consultation if you feel this would be helpful for you.

Confidentiality and your notes

Confidentiality and your notes

Be assured that your discussions during your consultation are confidential. Your notes will be confidentially stored and available at the time of surgery to ensure that what was agreed in the consultation will direct the surgery.

We do not send notes to your General Practitioner but if you do decide to go ahead with setting up surgery we will keep your GP informed by means of a GP letter. This provides both yourself and surgeon with a safety net. It gives the GP the opportunity to inform the surgeon of any issues that might have a bearing on the safety of surgery. If you have problems in the future your GP will know what surgery you have had and how to keep subsequent treatments safe.

For example, if you have had a breast reduction and develop a breast cyst in the future it will help your GP in arranging appropriate treatment for your cyst knowing you have scarring in relation to a reduction.

The hospital in which you have your operation will keep a copy of the GP letter in the hospital notes.

GP referrals

GP referrals

If you prefer to discuss things with your GP first, CAER will happily accept GP referrals.