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We offer private consultation specialising in:

Caer Aesthetics

Non surgical facial rejuvenation

Prices for non-surgical treatment

Prices for Wrinkle relaxing injectionstreatment, fillers and peels in Glasgow and Ayrshire

Wrinkle relaxing injectionstreatments

Prices for wrinkle reducing injections

Wrinkle relaxing injectionstreatment can be used on single or multiple areas, for example:

  • One area e.g. frown lines £200
  • Two areas e.g. frown lines and crow’s feet £250
  • Three areas e.g. frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet £300

This price includes a free top-up (to the area treated) at two weeks if required. Should further areas (not treated at original visit) require to be treated as well this will be charged accordingly.

Dermal filler injections

Prices for dermal filler injections

We are able to offer many different dermal fillers, some examples of products and prices are shown below:

Dermal Filler
(as sole procedure)
One syringe Second syringe Total
Juvederm 2 £225 £125 £350
Juvederm Smile £225 £125 £350
Juvederm 3 £250 £150 £400
Juvederm 4 £275 £175 £450
Voluma £450 £300 £750

Basic rejuvenation package

(Wrinkle relaxing injectionstreatment three areas plus ONE syringe of filler) - includes follow up and top up of Wrinkle relaxing injectionstreatment at two weeks if needed:

PRICE ranges from £450 - £500 depending which filler is required (dependent on depth and site of areas to be filled) - applies to Juvederm 2, 3, 4 and Smile only

Extra Rejuvenation Package

As above but with extra syringe(s) of filler - add £100 - £150 per syringe


Skin peel prices

Superficial AK Peel Facial £60 Course of 4 AK Peel Facials £200
Medium depth TCA Peel £75 Course of 4 TCA Peels £250
Consultation Charges

Consultations for Caer Aesthetics non-surgical treatments are free and without obligation.

Home visits

We are happy to make home visits, and also run clinics in salons outside of our normal consulting rooms. In these cases, prices may vary slightly to take into account additional travel costs.

Costs will always be agreed in advance.