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We offer private consultation specialising in:

Caer Aesthetics

Non surgical facial rejuvenation


Booking for Wrinkle relaxing injectionstreatment, fillers and peels in Glasgow and Ayrshire

Consultations for non-surgical facial rejuvenation take place in selected clinics in Glasgow and Ayrshire. Your CAER Aesthetic doctor can also arrange for you to have your treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Caer Aesthetics consultations are free of charge.

For all non-surgical enquiries, for a phone consultation, or to book an appointment at a time and place to suit you, please contact our Caer Aesthetics Doctors directly:
    1. Nicola Willis
    2. For Glasgow, Ayrshire and surrounding areas:
    3. Dr Nicola Willis MBChB FRCA
    4. Tel 07710 433362
    5. Email
    1. Pamela Cupples
    2. For Glasgow:
    3. Dr Pamela Cupples MBChB FRCA
    4. Tel 07946 474050
    5. Email
    1. Judith Todd
    2. For Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Inverclyde:
    3. Dr Judith Todd MBChB FRCA
    4. Tel 07980 543045
    5. Email  
    1. Laura McGarrity
    2. For Ayrshire:
    3. Dr Laura McGarrity MBChB FRCA
    4. Tel 07971515171
    5. Email  
Wrinkle relaxing injectionsand filler demonstration evenings:

If you would like to find out more before making an appointment why not come along to one of our demonstration evenings where you can meet us and observe facial rejuvenation with Wrinkle relaxing injectionsand Fillers. Contact us for further information on time and location of the next demonstration evening.