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Before and after photographs

Before and after non-surgical photographs
lip filler

Please see our range of non-surgical before and after photographs

All before and after photographs of non-surgical processes, wrinkle relaxing injections, fillers, fractora, forma etc are presented here courtesy of Dr Nicola Willis and her patients, whose permission has been given to display them here

Before and after surgery photographs

At CAER we don’t publish surgical before and after photographs on our website. This is because we believe that the use of these photographs can be misleading as another's result is not your own and another’s issues are not your own. Photographs can never reflect 100% accurately a true appearance and can always be manipulated to mislead, even if they are not actually “airbrushed”. For example, using brighter light or slightly over-exposing will hide scarring.

No photos can show dynamic, for example what breast surgery results are in a living moving breathing body. At CAER we believe that it is better to understand the technicality of surgery to envisage what it will look like by understanding how you will change, rather than to hope that your results will match those of another patient.

We also believe in discretion and protecting your confidentiality; images of your surgery are for you alone unless you expressly wish for them to be used differently. We do not routinely make images publically available.

Where patients have offered and agreed we do make their comments and statements available.