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Dr Nicola Willis


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Dr Nicola Willis


Consultant Anaesthetist
Aesthetic Doctor

  • Caer Aesthetics
    Ebor House, 7 Bentinck Crescent, Troon KA10 6JN
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“I believe strongly in a natural look with rejuvenation. The goal is for clients to look refreshed, relaxed, comfortable and, most importantly, to be happy with their appearance.”

Nicola was born in 1963 in Perth, Scotland, attending Perth High School before moving west to study medicine at Glasgow University. She graduated in 1986 and fairly rapidly decided she want to be an Anaesthetist. She has been a Consultant in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine since 1998 and now works in Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.

Nicola became interested in Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in 2004 and has steadily built a loyal client base since then.

Nicola had spent time in Ghana with Margaret Strick (Consultant Plastic Surgeon) providing anaesthesia for hand surgery in Resurge Africa, a Scottish reconstructive surgery charity working in Accra. They also worked together in both the NHS and private sector in the West Coast of Scotland and so, it was only natural they should develop that partnership in CAER.

As a team CAER provides a complete package of care in cosmetic procedures. Clients are seen by Nicola for muscle relaxing injections, dermal fillers, thread vein ablation and chemical peels. If surgery is then considered, she will be their anaesthetist for the procedure, so providing a seamless continuum of care. This is unique.

Nicola believes strongly in a natural look with rejuvenation. Her aim, she says, is for clients after treatment to look like they do not need any "work" done. An excellent result is a look that does not look "filled", "botoxed" or in any way unnatural. The goal, she says, is for clients to look refreshed, relaxed, comfortable and, most importantly, to be happy with their appearance.

Nicola believes in the artistry of facial rejuvenation. Anyone, essentially, can administer Wrinkle relaxing injections or Dermal fillers in the same way anyone can cut hair. The difference is in the skill, experience and technique and this difference is essential.

Nicola has always had a passion for art spending the spare time she has painting. She uses this talent when working with clients and this, combined with the background of her medical knowledge places her in an absolutely unique position. Her practice is informed, based on a sound understanding of anatomy and she combines this with an appreciation of the face as art. Importantly, this also means her practice is safe. Moreover, she loves what she does and this is apparent on meeting her.

Nicola lives in Troon and is married with 4 children . She shares her house with
2 dogs and 4 cats. In her spare time she paints and plays guitar.